By blending technology and design, we craft products that inspire connection, joy, and contribution to global causes, making every interaction a step towards a better world

Combining Profit with Purpose: 
Our Vision for Humanistic Capitalism

Humanistic capitalism is an economic philosophy that emphasizes balancing profit-making with social responsibility and ethical practices. It advocates for businesses to not only focus on financial gains but also to consider the welfare of employees, communities, and the environment. In essence, humanistic capitalism seeks to create a more just and equitable world where businesses are catalysts for positive change, integrating economic success with the well-being of people and the planet.


In the spirit of humanistic capitalism, we believe in a profound balance between profit and giving back. This vision is rooted in the values instilled in us from the past. Just as our grandfathers would offer the first bale of wheat to the community after each harvest, symbolizing the harmony between what we receive and what we give, we aim to embody this principle in every aspect of our business.


At Aequel, we call our approach Shop2Support. Each item sold through our shop generates funds that go directly to charitable causes. It’s not just about selling products; it’s about creating a ripple effect of positive impact. Our mission is to harness the power of commerce to drive social good, ensuring that every purchase contributes to a larger cause.


In the realm of gaming, we pioneered Social Positive Gaming (SPG). This initiative is designed to merge the excitement of gaming with the fulfillment of altruism. Every time you play and enjoy our games, a portion of the revenues is donated to charities focused on social positive gaming. It’s a revolutionary way to enjoy entertainment while making a real-world impact, turning every tap and victory into a step towards a better world.


We are inspired by the belief that business can and should be a powerful force for good. Our journey is guided by the conviction that innovation, when driven by empathy and purpose, can catalyze significant social change. We strive to create not just products, but experiences that inspire connection, joy, and a sense of purpose. Each interaction with Aequel is a chance to make a meaningful impact, reflecting our commitment to blending technology and design for the greater good.


We continue to grow with our core values of innovation, empowerment, and social responsibility at the forefront. These principles guide us as we shape a brighter, more equitable future. At Aequel, we are building a legacy of positive impact, proving that profit and purpose can coexist harmoniously, and every action, no matter how small, can contribute to a ripple effect of positive change.


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And don't forget to join us in our mission of using gaming for good by purchasing from the Conscious Collection or playing our innovative mobile air hockey game. Together, we can make a real difference


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