Origin Story

Harnessing Creativity for Social Good

In the heart of 2020, Aequel was born out of a singular vision: to create a venture that channels the power of creativity into tangible good. We recognized a unique opportunity at the intersection of our skills and passions. We envisioned a mobile game that was not just a means of escape or entertainment but a vessel for change—a game where each swipe, tap, and victory contributed to charities making real-world impact through social positive gaming (SPG).


The concept was simple yet revolutionary: merge the joy and engagement of gaming with the profound fulfillment of altruism. With every game played on Aequel, players were not just entertaining themselves; they were part of a larger narrative of contributing towards a better world. This initiative struck a chord with users, resonating deeply with those who sought to make a difference in their daily lives.


But our vision didn't stop there. Recognizing the potential to amplify our impact, we ventured into new territories. The introduction of an apparel shop aligned with the ethos of the game—every piece of apparel wasn't just about style; it was a statement, a commitment to supporting and sustaining the causes close to our hearts. This expansion allowed Aequel to not only increase its contributions to charitable causes but also to engage a broader audience in our mission.


Our journey with Aequel has been a testament to the belief that innovation, when guided by empathy and driven by a purpose beyond profit, can catalyze significant social change. It's a story of how creativity harnessed with intention can transform ordinary interactions into extraordinary impacts.


Today, Aequel stands as a beacon of what is possible when technology meets compassion. We continue to evolve, driven by the unwavering conviction that every action, no matter how small, can contribute to a ripple effect of positive change. It's a narrative that underscores the power of collective action and embodies the spirit of innovation for the greater good.

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